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Meet the team

Posted On:08.23.2016
Posted by djmaasha

DJ Maasha works with some of the best performers in Los Angeles to offer unforgettable celebrations to clients of all ages. By pooling their unique talents on a regular basis, Team Maasha has built a reputation for their unstoppable energy, exceptional attention to detail and world-class entertainment.

Dance Floor Assistant
Reed is an actor, singer and dancer whose enthusiasm and personality make every event more fun. As a former college cheerleader who has toured with Bring It On: The Musical, he’s a pro at leading line dances, directing guests from one activity to the next and getting everyone in the party spirit!

Dance Floor Assistant
TJ is a lifelong performer who knows how to cut a rug! He loves encouraging guests to show off their best moves – and if you’re lucky, you might catch his signature Michael Jackson impression or see him rocking out on the air guitar!

Disc Jockey
DJ Walzo, also known as “DJ Josh,” is a Scratch Academy-certified disc jockey and DJ Maasha’s right-hand man. His extensive experience behind the booth includes performances at Coachella after-parties, the 4th of July festival at Angel Stadium and events for Food Truck Collective.

Lighting Expert
DJ R.I.P. is DJ Maasha’s go-to guy for dance floor lighting. He started his career at the turntables at age 13, and later received his official DJ certification from Scratch Academy. When he’s not lighting up birthday parties, weddings and quinceañeras, he loves scouring the shelves at record shops with his kids.